BeeOrganized is located in Francestown NH.  We are Professional Organizers


For most of their adult lives, Richard and Donna Barbalato have been complimented on their organizational skills as individuals, in business and as a team.  They decided to take their combined years of business and life organizing experience, their common sense, and their natural ability to organize and apply their talents, professionalism and business and life experiences to help people get and stay organized.

BeeOrganized, Professional Organizers in Francestown, NHDonna Barbalato has combined her experience organizing top executives of law firms and Fortune 500 telecommunications companies with her organizational talents at home to help her clients organize their lives.


Richard Barbalato’s organizing skills come from his exBeeOrganized, Professional Organizers in Francestown, NHperience as an operations manager for Pitney Bowes, the owner/manager of an orthodontic laboratory, an independent contractor for Century-21, and as Vice President and permanent member of the Board of Directors of the Piscataquog Area Trailways.  He applies his experience to help his clients organize their lives at home or business, resulting in greater efficiencies and productivity and reduced stress.

Together, Richard and Donna bring to their clients professionalism, confidentiality, and customized solutions to help them reduce stress and gain control and peace of mind by:  eliminating clutter ~ gaining time and space ~ increasing efficiency and productivity.